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Bohohohoohooh! (why everyubody's so perfect??)

Natsu yasumi desuuu!! XD
demo nanka chotto tsumaranai naaaa~

today it was a good day, i didn't go out though...hahahaha
diem di rumah ngenet~ nonoton junyou romatica season 2!!!! kyahahahaha the first ep i saw was raw. and there was plenty of stuf that i actualy understands, so i'm happy. at last my effort of learning jap in these past years have been paid.

then i got all excited again i dunno why...beberapa hari ini moodnya memang bgt, suka tiba2 jijingkrakan sendiri...dan ngafalin para2 lagih~ hoho

today there was 'Camp Rock' on TV2. I was in the BBQ so i taped it. but i get to see just the last part. when i turn on the TV, and saw Jonas Brother in it, my first thought was
"F**k! why are they so perfect". and then saw this girl who looks really annoying in the promotion poster, but in the real film she's quite cute~(and nice) but still not good enough for that UKE/SEME Joe Jonas!!!! but seeing just the last 30mnt, the only thing i can pull through was, "This is extreeeemly cliqhed, i like HSM better..."

BTW high school musical 3 is out aye?? i wanna seeeee~ not because i'm a big fan, but i think it will be a really influential/important movie on our generation, therefore we must see it, for the sake of history so then when we're like, OLD, we can't talk in front of our grandchildren about "that movie with all the dance and singing, which they didn't just make the second one but also a freakin third one!!". wouldn't that be great~
other movie i wanna see:
-darren shan
-harry potter
-laskar pelangi
-batman: the dark knight
-kungfu panda

well enough about that...
just now, i went through THC's photos with all the 'angkatan 14' pra diklat (that i have)..... and it makes me mad!!! why?? because..
"Look at those boys!!!! what did they do all day, that their body can be as slim (i mean proportional) as that???!!"
"and it's not even after the fitness stuff!"
"isn't it girls who's suppose to have a slim figure!!!?"
"Munyuh!! beda lah, Proportional people mah~!!! GAAH!"
DIET shinakya~
apa gw jg vegetarian aja ya??
NO! i love my meat!! XD

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Armageddon 2008 AKL NZ

Armageddon was awsome. it certainly wasn't as I expected, but it was great nonetheless. First impresion was..

"Penuh pisan!!"
"GIni toh...convention barat teh~"
it was too BIG! Berat di kaki. Komersial bgt, klo kata gw mah. lu liat kiri kanan, adanya booth promosi game dan orang jualan merchandise animanga, comic, ato fantasy movie. 4 lantai isinya samaaa semua, kayak Pasar Baru. Jujur aja, gw ga terlalu enjoy bagian ini. udah sumpek, brisik, EMPAT LANTAI pula!!! But maybe this is the usual convention for westerns (or someone not from Indonesia), because by the look of it, Sini was fine with all that's happening, hanya sedikit kecapean naik turun tangga.She also seem to be an expert on buying anime godies from the booths. Tapi gw pusing sendiri nyariin Cosplayer.

It seemed that the cosplayers are too evenly distributed! Setelah sejam adapting to the venue, gw bosen jg, secara ketemu cosplayer teh, cmn sesekali. Suddenly i missed the many bands that plays anim - japanese songs during our events, and also our entertaining MC who sometimes acknowledge some BL scenes. at least with those people on stage we got something to entertain ourselves with while we wait for the cosplay parade to start. So as my excitement began to fade, we went outside to get fresh air, and some lunch.

I was really determinded to get photo of every cosplayer's i came across. So i started with Yondaime feat Pikachu!! EEgh??!! nice combination~ and then KH, with their YAOI sea salt ice cream, inspiring!! XD
-a group of Samurai Champloo
-Air gear (ternyata yg cosplay itu org emo!)
-Tifa, Reno combi!
-The best Gaara i've ever seen with my own 2 eyes! (no offence cosplayer indo yoo)
-Akatsuki (aduh)
-sailor seifuku (i dunno what costume is this from)
-Winery? Winefry? Winehouse??! what's her name??!! FMA no onna!
-Arisato from Persona 2 and some original who looks j-rock in my perspective, because of the sewing on her mouth...(go figure).
- Rhode Camelot
-Sasuke, sailor...Akatsuki deui??!
-Storm troopers!!! (helm doang~ haghag)
-d gray man, there's General Cross! and the Hakushaku! first time seeing it!
-and last but not least the mighty winner!! Trinity Blood no hito tachi!! omedetou gozaimasu!! gile yang ini heboh meeeen!!! salut! benar2 cocok jd pemenang(s)~

Yah setelah melihat Cosplay paradenya saia puas! Salutlah sama anak2nya. they made their costume themselves! from the sewing to the super glueing, they did it themselves without the help of a tailor, now that IS effort! dan hasilnya bisa sebagus tribla itu...wooohoooo!

According to the booklet, the cosplay was one of the brand event, but i think there's just not enough cosplayer for such a huge venue. Come on Kiwis!! Do more cosplay, boost your confidence, be more creative, discover new characters, don't go with the mainstream. di komunitas cospa yang masih sekecil ini masi banyak karakter mainstream yng bisa disambet jgn naruto-dgray mulu! XD

What i notice weird in this cosplay community are the look of surprise in their faces whe i said,
"Can i take a picture??"
they were like, "O.o !! s-sure~" (or was it just my imagination)
what's wrong with you ppl? is it really rare here for cosplayers to be asked like that? padahal cosplayer indo segitu narsisnya sampe pada punya personal fotografer yg kerjaannya ngejepretin foto bejibun! eh yg ini malah kaget mau difoto~
Dan bedanya lg, di indo sekalinya satu orang minta foto ke segrup cospa, semua ikut nimbrung wee jejepretan, hasilnya mrk harus pose sampe 10x, di Arma, gw minta foto sekali udh weee~ di blkng gw g ada yg ngantri ato apa~ asa org lain g ada yg tertarik dgn cosplayer ya? sdh terlalu common kah?
cosplay---common...doesn't really fit, y'know

anyway this writting about Armageddon 2008 is really, messy, i wouldn't be surprised if no one can understand what i was talking about, because i don't understand it myself.

Anyway, my conclusion is: Armageddon would be really awsome for people who's trying to buy merchandise in lower price. but since that wasn't my objective from the start it was a bit boring jus stroling in the 4 storyed building for hours. But the cosplay parade was amazing, and it was on a stage too! Great skits! Good skills too! i had a fairly great time. *smile*

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isogashi isogashi----hegh!! ohok!! (just remembered something disgusting~)


It has been a busy week....and I mean REALLY BUSY! there's a hell lot of things to
do to finish my art folio, plus the Japanese school visiting, bio internal and
revision for externals. it's great though, it's been a while since i did this much
work, so i'm enjoying it for a little.

haiiiih~ walau bgt...cape jg gw! badan pegel2 gara2 berdiri mulu di kelas seni
soalnya klo duduk g bisa konsen, bulak balik ngambil cet pula. Tapi untuuuuung
bentar lg selesai. Hari Kamis udh hrs dikumpulin, and that's a wrap! gw g usah
mikirin lg, tinggal tunggu nilai...i'm expecting at least an achive.
dan for the reward gw bs menghadiri Armageddon tanpa kuatir blum nyelesein

Minggu depan mungkin bakal mulai ngepak barang2 yg mau dikirim pulang, ngebuang2in
kertas-kertas g penting. trus the next weekend ada Indo Avond...tgl 8 nov pergi
Bungy, 16 Nov Mustinya gw liat Olivia perform (but dunno yet), 17-29Nov
Externals.....kemudian i'll have 2 mingguan utk siap2 pulang..mungkin tgl 30 nov
ada farewell orientation...then i'm going home~ how sad~
Wahahahahaha....gelo siah! jadwal terbang gw jam 9 pagi dr auckland..brarti
brangkat dr C-town jam 5 pagi!!! haaaag!! O.o' gempor deh gw!
di Sydney transit 6 jam pula!! mau ngapain gw huaaaaaaaa!! ktnya mah gw bisa
sekalian aja jalan2 di asa males keluar airport, lagian airportnya
kemungkinnan besar jauh dr kota...halah~
oh kmaren hari jumat kan ada sekolah dr Nara, Jepang, studi banding k CHS. awalnya
mah gw hanya berharap bisa kenalan ma Nihon jin yang hobby animanga g
taunya ketemu cewe yang demen Gazette!! XD Sekar itu gantunga kunci yg lu kasi
membawa berkah!

Setelah guru2nya meng-organize buddy group for that day, gw udh g terlalu
berharap. Tapi waktu gw lg bareng si Print, ikut2an ngantri di kantin, tiba2 di
belakang gw ada grup cewe yg rusuh....awalnya mah gw g ngeh, da tau pasti org
jepang (i wouldn't really understand what they're saying anyway), jd gw tidak
tertarik utk membeli makanan lg, i step out of the line. kemuduian gw menyadari
satu kata yg gw kenal dr omongan rusuh di belakang gw tea.
"Reita! Reita?!!" setelah itu gw sadar , "lha di tas gw kan ada gantungan kunci
reita??!!" dan trus gw berbalik dgn mata besar! seorang cewe dgn baju bercorak
cheker item putih, senyum2 sambil bilang Reita...and i point at her and said
"Reita?!!" and so she asked me, "Gazette suki?!", ..dan tentu gw bilang, "Un
Suki!!..trus temannya jg bilang soal Alice Nine! and then si cewe yg kemudian gw
tau as Nao itu ngeluarin i-podnya and start to scrol throught her music list and
showed it to me! trus gw nunjuk Silly God Disco, "gw suka ini!" Gw si masi pingin
ngobrol, tp masalahna bentar lg teh mrk musti balik ke bus...alhasil gw cmn bisa
dpt e-mailnya, dan dia di saaaaat terakhir minta fotoan sama2..and she's gone!
that was the first time i met another gazette (j-rock) fans in new zealand and
from another country too~ that was so cool! sekarang gw mau ngebuat e mail bwt
dia...i hope she can understand english..i'll try to use my japanese too..waaah XD
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the 25th of September 2008.........Time flies~

anyway, last week i had my first ever full exam week in NZ. it was only mock exam though, but it gives me the idea of how it will be in November. i reckon the exam wasn't too hard and wasn't to easy ither. so it was the right level for me.

the exam system itself is fun! we have max of two exam per day, but i only have one per day. and the timetable tell you what time your exam will be and you just have to be at school for it. and it last for 3 hours. so each day you just have to be at school for 3 hours, the rest you can revise at home or play! XD
The hard thing is the question are in english and it confuses me(especially maths)! so when everyone else starts to write answer i'm stil comprehensing the question. haaaaa chotto taihen...

okay, this month was a fairly good month. the weather is getting better!!
somewhere at the start of this month we went to Otorohanga bird park and natural bridge somewhere, it was amazing.

ah and at school at last there is something cultural that i can take back to Indonesia...

HAKA!!!! we are practicing our school haka for the whole term 3, and we have competition between houses on Friday, the last day this term. i'm so excited. but a lot of international students are not(especially the girls), i wonder why~ they're planning on wagging that day~ haaa..i know it's a bit emabarssing but everyone is doing it anyway, jadi kalian mau malu ke siapa coba?

so anyway, it goes like:

-Taringa whakarongo kia mau
-Torona titaha
-titaha hoki mai
-Nga akonga o kemureti matou
-Kei te taha o te awa o Waikato, Maungatautari e tu nei. Kia honotahi, kia manawanui, whaia te rongo wehiwehi e
-Waikato taniwharau
-He piko he taniwha
-Waikato taniwharau
-He piko he taniwha
-Ko wai matou?
-Ko te kura tuarua o kemureti
-Me aha tatou?
-Hapaitia te mana, te wehi, te ihi o te kura nei. Ana kiss ana kiss ana kiss aue-- HI!

okay that was what i learned there's 4 line extra, but they didn't teach it to us. we say the bold ones, and the leader shout the not-bold one. i saw the CHS rugby team perform this haka plenty of time, and 'true', it was really intimidating! plus, mrk meragaainya niat, yakin, kuat, dan loud! haaaa...benar2 image cowok sejati~ hahahaha i hope i can video the winning house this friday, and then i can show you guys.

After friday, it's holidays again! Katrina is coming on the first week for 3 days. dan puasa selesai hari rabu!! tp gw kyknya bakal selese ampe hari minggu aja deh. soalnya Katrina dtg dan waktunya berubah drastis. yg tadinya buka jam stengah 7an, krn day light savings jadi jam stengah 8 bo! haduh di sini puasa menguras tenaga, tapi tidak menguras lemak sial! gw jd ngantuk mulu di kelas, pulang ke rumah masuk kamar gogoleran eh ketiduran 15 mnt. nyeh. tp it was a good thing though, i don't now how, but i think i did a lot more school work than when i wasn't fasting~ hahahaha aneh.

my art folio is half way done, it has to be done by 2nd week next term, jadi gw cmn punya 2 minggu lg bwt nyelesein stengah bagian lg...waah~ kerja rodi nih..
oh kmrn jalan2 ke kelas sebelah (art2) they are making folio with their own theme. dan gw liat2 geloooo! siah! udh kyk professional aja mrk! semuanya baguuus bgt! trutama cewe yg nama blakangnya Butler. Uih! mendewa itu mah...XD kebayang klo cewe itu skrg udh gambarnya mendewa bgt, ntar klo dia masuk univ jurusan seni gmn coba? tingkat apa yg lbh tinggi dr mendewa? urayamashi~

ya udh ah..i can probably go on and on, klo g stop skrg..hahaha


oh and a painting i made of Lavi/Ravi/Rabi
+Watercolour on paper

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astagfirullah aladziim...

okay...its 30th of august more day and august is over. man, look how

fast the time is going this year

eizo: or it can be just your imagination.

it has been a wet winter the last 2 and a half month. if i think really hard, it

IS a wonderful experience~ but sucks. Screw that, the seed of spring is

coming already. and everyday my mood is becoming better and better, and so is the

weather. we had approx. a week of good weather last week. the sun is shining

(finally), the birds are singing (eizo: whatever), and the sky is blue again~

which means...sitting outside again! waaaa sometimes it's annoying to sit outside,

because of the wind and we can't read or do our last minute homework.Hah!

Indonesian habbit is still there to stay~

here in Cambridge, i have nothing else to do except for school on weekdays. i went

to town a few times. but it seem like i've been to every store already so it

doesn't sound appealing anymore, and you know, the weather has been bad these

days. so i don't have any other story appart from what i do at school.
well here we go again.

earlier this month we had international week. my friends did some international

fashion show, and there was an interlational food festival. i only tried food from

Thailand, Japan, and Germany. it was too crowded. it's hard to decide in that

situation you know!
Eizo: uh-huh, bilang aja ga suka!

and a few of them has pork in way i'm eating that!

a week finished and were back to normal school days. more internals coming because

it's almost the end of the year. another 8 weeks of school and it's exam time!

sounds short ay? it's not, actualy. imagine 4 weeks from now, and then 2 weeks

holiday, then 4 weeks of school...then exam in the middle of november.

i did the first internal in Japanese class, which is Speech, in Japanese. we had

got 5 periode to plan and write our speech. year 12 had to talk about future

plans. i was pretty statisfied by what i write, but then came the D-day. it was

tottaly messed up! don't even ask what happened. i hope i still pass.

on the 28th Aug i went on a history trip to Auckland museum. it was done for our

research for our resit in one of the internals last term. we went to the War

Memmorial Gallery. if we didn't have a task to complete it would be much more

interesting. there was a collection of armory. there was guns and european style

swords. and because the Japanese was also involved in WWII, there was japanese

swords and armor. they also have a big Nazi flag. what really interests me was a

collection of badges. there was probably more than a hundred of them. it was so

cool, i want to have it for my bag. but even if i can buy it, it would be too

expensive for a student.
another interesting thing that day was that we watched 2 movie in the bus. first

we watched Alvin and The Chipmunks. it's really intertaining. and i can't beleive

the one who voices the character Theodore (the youngest of the trio) was Jesse Mc

Cartney! OH MY GOD! ROXAS!! it would be almost imposible to notice that with all

the manipulation done to the voice. i just wanted to scream that time~ huh...but i

can't. and then we watched Step Up was resonable. i still like the first

one better. their last dance was good thou(if only i can dance like that)
eizo: yea dream on~

you know what? i notice now that i'm here in NZ, why is everyone back home always

seems stressed? suddenly all the people i talked to turn into emos. is that only

my imagination? i sure hope so~
okay, my hypothesis is only based on Sekar's and Teguh's blog and Dewa's rant in

chat box(well she's not that emo), so it's not really true to everyone. but hey,

theye're the one who constantly keep contact now. nobody else, they all just kind

of dissapear. Gone. Zilch. even Karen! man, where did you go guys?

Anyway, following with Kaitou-sama(my ass!)'s blog, about time. yes, a precious

thing..("my preciousssss~")

"if you can, would you turn back time??"

my answer is: NO

albeit how much i want to say Yes, i'm saying no now. i'm happy for what i choose

until this point. i've gain so many friends. if i go back to my elementary years i

doubt that i can choose the right thing twice.
i reckon, even if you successfully turn back time. it's not like something

better's gonna happen. it maybe that where you are now is the best you can get. so

i don't want to take the risk and end up getting to the worst point. i would

rather try improving from now on. like if you fail, keep trying. if you get bad

marks, study harder. doing those things won't hurt you.

yea, and this thing is the same with global warming. on this point, scientist

already told us that it IS happening. there is no point in going back to the 70s

and start over. it would be best that we realize what we've done and improve our

lifestyle. right?!! hah
eizo: yup if you can change the mindset of all the earth's residents

yeeee gmn si...kata Aa Gym juga :

"mulai dari diri sendiri!"
"starts from ourselves
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weird rains

today i was walking back from school and stop at the dairy shop to buy some chocolate and stamp. and at that moment it started to rain! very hard, may i add. i admit, i did notice a dark cloud somewhere above, but there's still a big amount of blue patches, and i didn't think that it woul rain that hard on that particular time!! a few seconds after hails started to fall down!! haaaa!! then i had to go back wet, because my umbrella is to small to fit my body and my bag.

at last yesterday i got flu...(got it from Sini). it wasn't so bad. when i notice the sore throat i imediately took Decolgen's over today. still had a few sniffles, but it's alright. because of the flu a got homesick all over again! damn! and i can't concentrate on my art class,i messed my art work, which ends up in the bin. /sigh

oooh because of the overdose of olympic for the last 2 weeks i began to likesome sportsman/woman! hahaha that's so weird.
i like Mahe Drysdale now. a Kiwi bronze medalist in rowing who threw up after his last race. he's such a hero!! XD
And i think Michael Phelps is not bad. and he's a swimmer!! yaaay! to much gold though...

and that girl Tia something from German who won the gold in high jump! She's so cool!! oh and another girl Anna Bossanova whatever her name is~ i think she won a bronze in rythmic gymnast....yeah she's cute. and her performance was amazing!! XD

huuuuu~ i didn't watch the closing ceremony...what a shame~ hix...would there be anyone uploading it in youtube?? bad i don't know if indonesian won anything....hope they do...

it's the end of winter now in NZ. the flower begins to blossom, and the temprature is rising. the day is also getting longer. what a relief! whew~ Spring is coming!! XD i can't wait!!
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(no subject)

august 23...

weh...nothing interesting..

kmrn i totally ruined my japanese speech! oh tidak! saia lupa i kalimat, suara kekecilan, dan berbagai kesalahan lainnya...i hope i still pass, bcause i dun wanna do resit!! hueeee~ gagagagaga time i'll write my speech...and i can tell Marino or Kadek to check it if it's right or not...
soieba...i haven't reply to marino yet...hyaaa i;ll do it later...

i think i'm getting a flu...ah!! SINI!! i'll kill u on monday!! just wait!!

today i tried to eat Dutch licoriche..ato gmn lah itu g tau...dan rasanya tak enaaak!! anj*ng~

yah segitu aja de... lg tak ada ide